Financial Accounting

Accreditation for 12 ECTS

Internal Control and Accounting Information Systems

Accreditation for 15 ECTS

Audit and Assurance

Accreditation for 16 ECTS

Business and Finance

Corporate Governance | Financial Management | Management Accounting & Control | Strategy, Leadership & Organization | Behavior, Ethics & Decision-making

Accreditation for 14 ECTS


International Practice

International Practice Auditing

Accreditation for 3 ECTS

The seminars will be supplemented with scheduled distance learning activities. Critical analysis and the solution of real world practice problems will allow students to develop skills that are immediately useful in the practice of auditing. In-depth and interactive MBA-style case materials will be used to bring a depth of coverage to the classroom that is unique in auditing education.

The program is specially designed for high-potential, internationally-oriented students. Students from all over the world entering the program have high career potential and will have obtained a basic education in accounting and auditing. Students may already be employed as an auditor or looking to improve their educational background for entry into the accounting profession. The program is of particular interest to bright, young students with an international focus who wish to become qualified auditors in the Netherlands, UK and the US.

The program also benefits students who wish to improve their education for professional advancement in other countries (e.g. Eastern Europe). Students completing the program will be uniquely positioned to take advantage of a European auditor qualification (or passport) if such a program becomes available in the future. Finally, experienced auditors who wish to acquire additional qualifications in order to enhance their mobility may also benefit from the program.