International Focus

Each program component incorporates international issues to better prepare our students for an international career path. All courses and exams are in English. The program offers the possibility to become a qualified auditor in The Netherlands, UK and the US.

Cultural Experience

We offer international faculty, an internationally oriented instruction setting, and extensive opportunities to interact with students from around the world. Our six two-week seminars foster a better balance between study and work or internship. It also allows students from different countries to attend classes.

Highly Interactive

Support is provided by an electronic learning environment and continuous alignment between information technology, accounting and business throughout all components of the program.

The International Executive Master of Auditing bridges the gap between practice and theory. Teaching material is problem-based, making use of cases taken from practice. Students’ existing knowledge is activated as much as possible by means of focused discussions with fellow students and faculty. Testing takes place by means of a variety of instruments including written exams, papers, oral exams, cases and presentations.

Certain exams can also be facilitated abroad, in your own country. Group as well as individual performance is considered in grade determination. Since the program is organized around six two-week seminars, the time between each seminar is used for readings and casework. To support these activities an electronic learning environment is available which contains all teaching materials. Group discussions are enabled by a discussion board, a virtual classroom is maintained for periodic interview sessions with faculty, and announcements are made via our electronic environment.

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